Tuesday, May 21, 2013

XBox One, thoughts.

To Summarize:

DRM Will be determined by the publisher.
It is controlled by face and voice recognition, and can read you heartbeat. Skynet help us.
It will allow you to skype, and watch movies or play games at the same time.
Xbox Live players are matched through game, film, television, and music choice.
A partnership with EA Games will yield four new titles exclusive to Xbox:FIFA 14, NBA Live, UFC and Madden.
 Halo is now a television series in its own right, streamed to premium subscribers on Xbox One.

You need to install every game to play and pay a fee for installing it  on a different account. 

The max blu-ray disc size at the moment is 60GB, but on average it's  50GB for games. 50GB a game  on a 500GB HDD.

In Conclusion:
Microsoft has created an Xbox with Windows Eight. Good Job. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Hello Sony. With my pending purchase of a Mac (either Pro or Air, haven't decided yet), and my computer I am going using being formatted and linuxed, My life is going to be Windows free. Interesting.

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