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                                             About Me

Let's see, I'm a 19 year old writer/student/whatever from the thumb of Michigan.

Writing is what I want to do in life. Or win the lotto and buy my own island, but hey, a guy can dream can't he?

The only shows I like that are on at the moment are Grimm, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead and Supernatural. I'm really looking forward to falling skies season 3, and wish they would have a summer season of Game of Thrones.

I seem to get my best work in at three in the morning.

The reason I originally started writing is because I've "outgrown" my local library, and have read nearly everything they have that interests me, it's been roughly a year since I've been there, so that might have changed.

I write on a daily basis although the length I write is sporadic at best.

Usually it begins with me seeing something and thinking "Hey what if..". Then the idea keeps growing until it  is a one page summary and I then put it in a file on my computer labeled book ideas.

I've discovered this awesome little program called Scrivener. This has proven invaluable. I use the windows version because I'm a poor student and can't yet afford a mac.

Usually I write down my ideas and musings on an Apple iPod Touch.
I can usually write a thousand words a day if I push myself. To do this I have to bribe that evil muse I have with a Monster to get off her lazy ass and help me out.

Someone asked me what I want this blog to be about. Well here it is. This blog is my soapbox. My kingdom. I will post about traveling, family, cooking, or anything that amuses me. I'll occasionally post a picture or a video I shot.

Anyhow thanks for reading. Stick around if you like what you see.

Happy Trails

You can contact me at my email or add me on twitter.

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