Monday, November 7, 2011

My Inheritence theories.

Keep in mind, I'm still waiting for the book to come out so these are some of my theories that I've
put together
Arya will be the green rider, or Elva
Arya and Eragon fall in love and she dies, thus the romance thing
Eragon will leave alagaesia forever to teach the rider school at vroengard.
Roran will be king of the Varden/Alagaesia
Nasuada will be overthrown
Saphira and thorn will fall in love.
The Rock of Kuthian is a ginormous Eldunari
The Vault of Souls is a place for spirits to live, and while there eragon visits/talks to brom.
Murtaugh kills Galby, sacrificing himself or thorn to do so, sort of like the Palpatine/ Vader  scene at the end of Return of the Jedi.
EDIT: Highlight below for spoilers
Yeah, its been like a month, but lets see.
I was right on the first one
1/2 Right on the second
Semi right on the third
Eeh, he rules carvahall now
Sorta Kinda right about the RoK (It's a vault of eggs/eldunari/)
Sadly, no.

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