Friday, March 11, 2011


Why is it the more gruesome an event in history the more people want to honor it?

For example, in a city close to mine the local fire department is obtaining a 19 foot piece of the twin towers.

Yes, that’s right, the twin freaking towers, you know the whole big WTSHTF our country getting invaded and one of our biggest cities, not to mention the pentagon and the white house, almost.

Anyhow, a few of the city’s firemen is going before April to New York City and getting the piece.

They are going to create a memorial and this September, a decade exactly after the 9/11 attacks, dedicate it to the community.

To raise funds for this “momentous occasion” they are going to sell bricks for 150 bucks apiece.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEIR HEADS! To me September 11th was a tragedy, not something that should be memorialized in some small insignificant hicktown like a circus sideshow.

This would be like me taking a piece of the USS Arizona off of the Pearl Harbor Memorial and taking it back to where I live.

Right now someone is probably saying.

“But they’re firefighters.”

I don’t care! For three generations my dad’s side of the family has been in the army, does that give me rights to take a piece of the Vietnam Memorial Wall? I am also American, does that mean I can have a piece of the Declaration of Independence or since I lived in Oklahoma a piece of the Federal building? I didn’t think so!

There is a fine line between remembering a tragedy and showboating.. I think they’ve crossed it. This, to me, is like taking a piece of a graveyard and hanging it up on a billboard. This is morbid, crass and hicktown idiocy at it’s finest.

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