Wednesday, November 7, 2012

People have a self destruct sequence.

Yes, the election was a disappointment. But I'm not posting about that today. You've got Facebook, Twitter, YouTube  and every Politiblog on the internet for that.

Today I'm going to post about something that's been troubling me for awhile. I know this girl, I've known her for about three years now.

She had a boyfriend for about a year that was a total control freak, manipulative, scheming. All the trademarks and check marks of an abusive relationship. Thankfully she broke up with him, and found a new boyfriend. Now she says her main goal in life is to "move forward" by graduating college, finding a part time job and moving in with this guy. 

My question is, why?

Our county's job market is nonexistent. We probably have one of the highest unemployment rates in our state, and the certificate she's getting will be near useless getting a job. Well maybe a job at McDonald's but who want's that?

I've seen where this ends up. I've seen this happen before. Some people never leave this county, they just stop. 

So my question is:
Do you think people, at least some people, have a self-destruct button?

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