Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not sure what to call this.

Okay two things.

First Angus T. Jones.
He recently found religion and converted to Seventh Day Adventist.
The middle man of two and a half men, which was ruined when they fired Charlie Sheen, has denounced the sitcom saying it was filth, but he said he was not quitting the show due to his contract. He is still receiving his paycheck, rumored to be at 300k an episode.  This is when the public gets insane. They're calling him a hypocrite because he's still getting paid. They, the public at large, is saying he's joined a cult. They're saying he should donate his paychecks to charity.

My question is, why shouldn't he still be getting paid? Whether he hates the show or not. He is still earning his paycheck. It is his money to with what he pleases.

At least he isn't funneling it into drugs like his former co-star.

The Second thing is the Powerball Lottery.

500 million. Holy crap.

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