Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bombs away.

Warning this post is going to contain mature language. Please be advised.

So I was checking my facebook  when I came upon this story  in my newsfeed.

According to the article in the Sun a fourteen year old girl, Anais Fourneir suffered a heart attack two days before christmas last year and died due to caffeine toxicity after drinking two 24oz Monsters. She had a pre-existing condition that weakens the blood vessel.
Now her family is suing Monster Energy for the death of the daughter.

This brings up two questions.

1. What the fuck were the parents thinking letting a fourteen year old, who they knew had a pre-existing condition, drink two Monsters, or any Monster at all? I'm nineteen and the only time I drink the 24oz cans is when I really need caffeine, and then I don't even drink pop or tea for that matter for a day afterwards to get it out of my system.
They say right on the can. Do not drink if sensitive to caffeine. The parents should have know not to buy these for their kid, and it's their fault for purchasing it. Energy drinks in general should be regulated but in this case poor parenting played a role in the kid's death as much as the energy drink.
2. Why are they just now suing Monster?
Her death happened almost a year ago, I think the only reason they're suing them now is because a statute of limitations is about to run out. If it were my kid I don't even think I'd want to sue them. I'd just want to forget about the whole debacle and move on with my life.

Now that I've worked myself up into foaming mouth theatrics, I need a mountain dew.

Happy Trails.


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