Sunday, June 17, 2012

Runes of Magic Review

In Runes of Magic (RoM from here on out) You can do a dual class spec, this means you can have two classes at the same time.  In my experience this is the only game aside from Runescape you can do this in.
I started out in the human starting area and chose the tutorial and quickly set about killing spiders, after which I was rewarded with a ring that came with a health buff, and a horse.
After Killing some wolves, a few spiders and some walking mushrooms I got a house, reached level five and got a bank chest.
Its the usual hunter gatherer grind arangement, and I don't think the combat is typical mmo hot key affair.
I like their fast travel system. The one thing I hated in WoW was having to run all the way back to your hub to turn in your quests, in this all you have to do is click your quest target on your map and it will run there for you unless you run into an obstacle.
RoM relies on a freemium model meaning while the game is free you can purchase currency called diamonds in order to buy extra items, mounts and even experience and they really push it too.
Overall its a good free MMO, but I wouldn't spend money on.


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