Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm pissed at microsoft.

Ok Microsoft has a promo going right now for students.
Buy A new computer at $699 or more and get a Xbox 360.  Awesome right? Not so much. The promotion runs out on September 8th. Plenty of time, right? No so much for people trying to get the computer, which they will be using for college, with financial aid.  The average college start date is the last week of august. You need to be in school a month before the extra financial aid your going to receive (Initial Financial Aid-(Tuition+Books and fees) Is dispersed, and that takes two weeks after it is dispersed to receive it.
So lets do some math people

Start Date of College (August 29th in my case) plus 30 days is September 30th, add two weeks onto that and what do you get? October 14th! That's a month and six days past Microsoft's promo end date. Now if they just continued it a month and a half they would probably get a few more computers sold. Yes they would be losing a bit more cash, but they would more than make it up in profits from the games they would sell. Plus it would give broke students money to buy them.

Anyhow that is my rant for the day.

Happy Trails


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