Thursday, May 17, 2012

What have I been up to?

Well, getting final projects in, I've got less than one week of high school left, which is frackin awesome! Then I graduate, find some way to pay my tuition deposit and off to adulthood and student loans I go!
I've been editing my awesome manuscript, but I have to rewrite the ending, which is like pulling fingernails off with a rusty spoon, I think I'm adding that as a summer project, along with a bit of outlining for the second one, and maybe the third as well. So, that brings me to my question today, what are your plans for the summer?


  1. Hey JD- I like the colors :) and I love the widgets on the right - where did you get them? I have so many blogs, I cannot imagine ever getting all of them updated this century, but since I found you on AbsoluteWrite, I figured I would comment and see if you want to respond in kind. My main blogsite is writingspace dot blogspot dot com -- you are doing great here !

  2. Thanks Kim! I got the word count widgets at writertopia, the page-views is from the traffic analyzer program I use. The creative commons is a widget from the site and the rest are Google.
    I know what you mean about the blog thing, I used to do a game review one, and a tech blog but that got to be to much.


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