Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awesome Book recomendation thingamabobber.

OK, so, found the book I'm currently fawning over. City of Lost Souls, the fifth book in the mortal instruments trilogy quadrilogy series. If you liked the last four books this one will be Glorious. ;)
It had TMI's usual dose of snark, battle and romance, and every's favorite freewheeling bisexual warlock a plenty. The ending felt a bit rushed, but other than that the timing of it was great. Dialogue was meh, but this is a YA novel, not Shakespeare, so that's to be expected. I give it 8/10 stars.
Spoilers below, in white, as per my usual  thing.

Ok, Jace and Sebastian have a weird demon bond going on that Clary destroys with the help of a Angel Sword, and not a run of the mill Seraph either. Michael, yes THAT Michael's sword, Glorious that Simon got from Raziel in exchange for his Mark.  
Alec tries to end Magnus's immortality with help from Camille, who tells Magnus, who breaks up with Alec D:
Alec goes to kill Camille and find out that Maureen, the vampire Simon sired in the last book has killed her, and taken her place as the Vampire leader of Manhattan.
At the end of the book Sebastian leaves a creepy message in the form of a pair of Angels wings. Oh and Jace has become a heavenly human torch.

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