Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've been looking at colleges lately, well, this is a complicated thing.
Ok, so I was going to go to this wonderful College in Grand Rapids to study journalism, until I got my financial aid package.. =(

It turns out I'm going to be 12k short of cash when everything, Soul selling. Student loans, Scholarships, and Grants aside. Now, there is another college roughly 60 miles from my sister, EMU, that has a creative writing program, and maybe a double major in Interior Design, for roughly a third of what I would be paying for at the Grand Rapids college. The question I'm debating is sell my soul get more student loans and study journalism and go to DC for a semester OR go to EMU. I'm going to think on it and hope I'm making the right decision.

Happy Trails.
Oh, book of the week coming tomarrow.

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