Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wow, I've been under a rock.

Now, this summer has been crappy for television. Falling Skies was mostly meh, True Blood was annoying, and Master Chef isn't finished yet. (Yes, I do watch reality TV shows, but only like three of them.)

So, I was browsing across Netflix, and somehow I haven't watched their newest series. (Orange is the New Black)

This is one of those prison drama shows, like Oz. It was a bit before my time, it had male nudity, and it was totally off the rails the last couple of seasons.

Now I guess it's an okay kind of show. It's not my cuppa, but it's got great dialogue. Anyhow I was watching it, and I realized, I knew that Russian.

It was Kate Mulgrew. She was awesome. I'm glad of this.

Now I've watched Voyager (yet another Netflix binge) and I HATED Katherine Janeway, absolutely hated her.

I didn't like Voyager either. It was probably the only series ((well the OS was crap too) There. I said it. Strip me of my geek cred.) Where I WANTED the ship destroyed.

Anyhow, after watching her portray the russian chef who could, I'm glad I found out it was the character.

That was my summer in television.

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