Thursday, March 21, 2013

American is getting dumber.

Warning, this is one the posts where I swear. Moral Guardians, cover your children's eyes!

Okay. First of all, I was in the drug store today getting cough syrup today, and I got carded. Yes, a nineteen year old getting carded for freaking Robitussin. That's just bullshit.
Now, unto the second part of my post.
I was on facebook today and saw this on my news feed.
Click Here.
According to the article

"A 14-year-old honor student from Northridge, Los Angeles, died this week after inhaling computer keyboard cleaner."
All I can say is what the fuck.
What the fuck is or was wrong with this teenager that they would huff compressed air.
According to the parents this was her first time "dusting."
I am calling bullshit on this.

"Her older sister found Aria in bed with a can of compressed air still attached to her mouth, her nostrils taped shut. A plastic bag was found nearby."

This person had definitely been using this for awhile, or they had experience. 
Any addiction starts small, and I don't think someone trying anything for the first time would tape their nose shut.

I am going to get reamed for this, but this girl was stupid. Extremely stupid.

Yes canned air has a refrigerant in it, but who the hell would think to use it as a drug?

This stupid girl got what she deserved.

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