Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dead of Winter by Lee Collins

Dead of Winter, by Lee Collins review.

I approached this novel with reservations. The cover reminded me a little too much of the latest entry in the Dresden Files, but I bought the book anyway and started reading.  I later found out the similarities in the cover are because the two novels share the same cover artist, Chris McGrath.
Anyhow let’s jump to the review.

Please note: Unmarked spoilers ahead.
The story starts as what seems to be urban fantasy except set in the western era, and essentially that’s what it is. The author pulls this off magnificently and it actually feels as though I’m in a cold Colorado western town.
The Dead of Winter reminds me of the Nightside Novels because it is essentially two stories in one book. The first is the typical kill the beastie, and save the day monster hunting goodness. That’s when it gets twisty. After the main character, Cora Ogelsby(Who has just made my list of favorite female main characters next to Hermione and Rachael Morgan) kills the Wendigo that is hunting the townsfolk, she is  approached by the Lord who owns the silver mine near the town to clear out a nest of vampires and kill the Nosferatu, the vampire lord controlling them. I’ll leave the biggest twist in the story for you to find out for yourself.
This is probably one of the best Fantasy novels I have read in a while and puts the modern day brooding vampire tale to rest. Collins attempts to revive the vampire genre from lovesick teen to dark lord, and succeeds masterfully. I’m not big on westerns but this book leaves me eagerly awaiting the next entry in the series.
 Dead of Winter may be his debut novel but Collins writes like a seasoned pro. Lee Collins is definitely a name to watch in the publishing world.

You can purchase Dead of Winter at my amazon affialiates account by clicking the highlighted text, and you visit Lee at his website, Here.

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